CellTec offers high quality products to meet your sensing and switching requirements. Our accurate and reliable selection ranges from state of the art sensors to sturdy mechanical switches.

Measuring Sensors

  • Optical Distance Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Distance  Sensors
  • 3D Optical Sensors
  • Capacitive Distance Sensors
  • Inductive Distance Sensors
  • Measuring Forked Sensors

Mechanical Switches

Position Sensors

RFID Systems

Sensor Accessories

Switching Sensors

  • Inductive Sensors
  • Optical Sensors
  • Fibre Optic Sensors
  • Forked Sensors
  • 3D Optical Sensors
  • Special Optical Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Magnetic Sensors

Switching sensors are the most common form of sensors found in industrial, automation and robotic applications. They offer high reliability and long life due to non-contact sensing and transistor output circuitry.

Switching sensors are generally used to detect object presence and position.