Bumper Strips & Edges

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  • Pressure Sensitive Safety Bumpers

    SKU: HSB

    Pressure Sensitive Bumpers – Safety Bumpers Haake HSB series. Safety Contact chain (HSC) opening NC (normally closed) contacts, Sensor embedded in polyether foam PUR skin with Double-insulated high flex single-core cable. IP54, CAT 3, <50 VAC, 75 VDC, max. 0.5A AC/DC.
  • Safety Edges

    SKU: HSC

    Safety Edges Haake HSC series for protecting against risks of shearing and crushing edges. Safety Contact chain NC (normally closed) contacts, TPE hollow-chamber profile on aluminium profile plate, IP65, high flex single-core cable. CAT 3, <50 VAC, 75 VDC, max. 0.5A AC/DC.