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Need Help Automating Your Business Operations? Get help designing, installing and operating automated production. Save time & money, growing your business.


Automation Components

  • Sensors
  • PLCs and HMI products
  • Logistics
  • Safety
  • Automated quality inspection


Consulting Services

  • Product aplication advice.
  • Concept solutions.
  • Compliance with standards.


Design Services

  • Mechanical machinery design
  • Component Design
  • Electrical system design.
  • Electronic circuit and board design
  • Safety solution design



  • Fabrication.
  • Contract component manufacture.
  • Machinery sub assemblies.
  • Turn key special purpose machinery.
  • Standard and custom industrial safety guarding


Integration Services

  • For high end automation projects such as vision systems.
  • Safety upgrades to existing applications


Project Management

  • Coordination and management of automation projects
  • Supply of components for complete systems