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ZONE Bollards & Barriers

ZONE Safety Systems' Australian industrial fencing system also incorporates a range of Bollards, Forklift Barriers and Column Protectors to protect valuable equipment and stock from forklift impact damage with heavy duty bollards and barriers.

  • Bollards are suited to both domestic and commercial applications, providing protection for property and personnel against vehicle impacts and collisions.
  • Forklift barriers are ideal in minimising damage caused to machinery and equipment by forklifts and other mobile plants.
  • Column protectors can be used to protect both columns and racking form damage, impact and collisions by vehicles such as forklifts.
  • Save time and money on costly repairs.
  • Bollards and barriers come with welded footplates and in a durable powder coated finish.
  • With little or no assembly required, they are easy and fast to install.
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured as required.

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