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Safety Laser Scanners

Leuze Electronics' ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanners enable a very flexible installation position and use in mobile applications. The immense flexibility of the safety laser scanners is the result of the independent protective/warning field pairs, which can assume any field contours as well as the ability to change over between these pairs.

strong>"Basic" function package: for Danger Zone Guarding

  • Even the basic function package is enough to secure a danger zone in accordance with the latest safety standards.

"Extended" function package: for Vertical Point of Operation Guarding / Access Guarding

  • This function package enables a high level of flexibility in the safeguarding of entries and points of operation through eight reversible protective field/warning field pairs.

"Motion Monitoring" function package: for the Transportation Path Safeguarding of Mobile Systems

  • With this function package, you can perform speed monitoring with distance measurement in the protective field without it being affected by moving personnel.

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