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Configurable Safety Controllers

With Leuze Electronics MSI 100 and MSI 200 series configurable/programmable safety controllers, you obtain a system solution for small to medium-size machines with maximum flexibility. Programmable safety controller extension with I/O and communication modules are also available.

MSI 100 Series - Compact safety

  • The relay monitors E-Stop buttons, two-hand controls, safety doors or safety sensors with two transistor outputs in machines and systems. With an overall width of just 67.5 mm, the device makes available 20 safe inputs, 4 signal outputs for diagnostics and 4 safe outputs (OSSDs).

MSI 200 Series - For complex systems

  • The relay features the same functionality as the MSI100. In addition, it can be expanded with dockable extension modules to up to 140 safe inputs or 100 inputs and 44 safe outputs – quickly and easily with the TBUS DIN rail connection system.
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