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ZONE Safety Guarding

ZONE Safety Systems industrial safety fencing / guarding consist of a range of standard posts, panels, joining components and electrical interlocks that combine perfectly to provide perimeter guarding for industrial safety applications.

The safety fencing system allows for modular machine guarding in areas where personnel protection from industrial machinery is required. Zone's safety fence system allows for machine guarding that can be rapidly deployed and being re-configurable does not impair production processes.

The rapid deployment of the safety guarding system is achieved with standard dimensions and components the system is easy to configure and painless to install, it is re-configurable and reusable. The range of mounting hardware allows for panels to be mounted as either fixed panels, hinged or sliding doors. The brackets allow for panels to rotate on posts offering a safety guard system that can be installed to form a circle as easily as a straight line.

The integration of approved safety switches and interlocks into the safety guarding system ensures harmony between the mechanical and control requirements.

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