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CellTec has a wide range of easy to use and install signal devices including:

  • Signal Tower Lights, both pre-assembled and modular/configurable
  • Optical signal devices - permanent, blinking, flashing, rotating and rotating mirror beacons available
  • Traffic Lights - available in a number of different designs for applications including: use in access control, loading bays and general machinery applications
  • Combination Optical & Audible signal devices - incorporating bright optical signalling (permanent or flashing LEDs) with an audible sirens (Buzzers, siren, multi-tone and horn type). The combination of optical and acoustic signals provides the most effective visual and audible warnings
  • Audible signal products - audible products give clear and loud acoustic warnings. High quality and robust designs with a wide range of different tones and volumes. The range includes buzzers, electromechanical buzzers, sirens, multi-tone devices, horns, bells and gongs
  • Extreme Environment Signal devices - Werma's Extreme Environment devices provide safe and reliable signalling in explosive environments. Suitable for use in certain gas, vapour and dust applications, the range includes signal towers, beacons, audible products and combination devices

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