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Soft Starters

PSE Intelligent series of Softstarters:

  • World’s first compact softstarters with Torque Control.
  • Optimised for controlling pumps.
  • Protective board coating ensures reliable operation in tough environments, e.g. wastewater plants - where corrosive gases and acids may exist
  • Built-in electronic overload protection, no additional overload device needed.
  • Analog output eliminates need for additional current transformer. Can be used as input to a PLC.

PSR Cost Effective series of Softstarters:

  • With built-in by-pass saves energy and ensures compact design, reducing install time.
  • Reduced heat generation, can be mounted inside high IP class enclosures.
  • Suitable for stopping pumps, even without torque control, designed to reduce water hammering and will allow a superior stop compared a star delta or DOL starter.
  • Easy connection to ABB manual motor starters using connection kits.

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