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DOL Starters

ABB Starters for the control of three-phase asynchronous motors:

  • Up to an operational voltage of 690 V, 50 or 60 Hz,
  • For a starting time of 1.5 s maximum, and a switching frequency ≤ 15 starts/hour with a load factor of 80% or ≤ 30 starts/hour with a load factor of 50 %,
  • At an ambient temperature ≤ 40 °C around the enclosure,
  • In conformity with EN 60947-4-1/IEC 947-4-1 standards.

Each starter is delivered assembled and contains:

  • 1 three-pole contactor. Rating from 9 to 110 A AC-3, 400 V.
  • 1 hold-in contact.
  • The space for the thermal O/L relay. The thermal O/L relay will be chosen according to motor nominal current and supplied separately in kit form. The plunger index will be positioned on R/O.
  • Two control circuit connection versions: phase-to-phase control supply, control supply for you to connect: separate supply, or phase-to-neutral.
  • 1 PE terminal for connection of the external protective conductor (on DWA, DYA and DRA enclosures).
  • 1 earth bonding terminal (on DEA enclosure).
  • 1 enclosure equipped with: 1 green flush "I" ON push button, 1 red protruding "O" OFF/RESET push button.

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