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Control Devices

ABB offers a complete range of 22mm Push Buttons, Emergency Stops, Selector Switches and Signalling units.

The ABB Pilot Devices are suitable for all types of industrial environments, indoor as well as outdoor. Other sectors of common usage include trucks, buses, trains and official buildings.

  • Can be used in many different applications by OEMs, panel builders, contractors, etc.
  • For industrial machines and equipment, control panels and control stations
  • For emergency circuits, alarm and signal equipment, traction equipment, hoists and lifts, door openers, etc

The pilot device range has an aesthetic and functional design:

  • Tight, withstanding even the toughest environment
  • No additional protective boots are needed
  • Large text and push area, clear and visible markings for quick and easy handling.
  • Contacts are provided with wiping action. The tips of the contacts rub against each other each time the contacts close, thus forcing dust and oxide to the side.
  • The N/C contact block has positive opening for high performance in safety circuits.
  • Spring-loaded tabs ensure that actuators and legend plates are in correct position. Can be used in both notched and round holes.

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